Martindom Worship

The name 'Martindom Worship' covers the praise and worship ministry of St. Martin's Dome Fellowship (Martindom for short). We believe that praise and worship are a man’s natural reaction to God’s kindness and love. There are three different worship teams in our Fellowship.

Besides leading worship at our meetings, they are frequently asked to minister in other communities, parishes, or at festivals. More members of the worship team are devoted to developing other „worshippers“ by means of the school of worship, weekend seminars for worship teams from other communities or workshops at festivals. Within our worship ministry, new songs are composed and we also issue worship CDs.

The I Will Go album is the first CD containing English versions of our songs. Releasing it, we want to encourage communities in other countries by the message of the songs, inspire them in their praise and worship, as well as encourage them to make their own songs. The CD contains the following songs: 01 In my arms / 02 Abba  / 03 I will go  / 04 Bind me

Band: Eva Hrešková - lead vocals; Martina Belejová - lead vocals, acoustic guitar; Ján Beňo - keyboard; Marek Majkút - electric guitar; Peter Volf - bass; Alex Kutka - violin; Lukáš Krivda - drums

Songs written by: Eva Hrešková (01 - 04) and Martina Belejová (03, 04). Recorded by: Tomáš Palaj. Mixed & mastered by: Matej Fesič. Design by: Andrej Kmeťo, Ideas & Innovations

Video: In my arms, I will go.

Download songbook I will go.

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